Ancient Egyptians Modeled the Advanced Science Behind Karma

Most Egyptologists seem to have missed or completely misunderstood the ancient Egyptian obsession with truth and justice and the pivotal role they played in their symbology, philosophy, and cosmology for thousands of years.

Many are aware of Maat, the Egyptian "goddess" of Truth and Justice often shown "weighing the hearts of the dead in the underworld." Most have failed to grasp that these symbolic images have been badly misinterpreted, especially when represented as literal illustrations of what the ancient Egyptians believed. As documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, and related articles and releases , the Egyptian "underworld" imagery and much of their symbology is focused on modeling a mixture of spiritual wisdom, philosophy, and advanced science. There is redundant proof that Egyptian sage-scientists understood the hidden structure and workings of our universe far better than our scientists do. They knew that we live in an 11-dimension, cyclic, and thought-based reality. They knew there was a hidden zone of seven dimensions that determines what occurs in the four dimensions of space-time.

Much of Egyptian symbology and wisdom was focused on the functionality and rules within those seven hidden dimensions. Egyptologists have misinterpreted most of the so-called "underworld" imagery, which actually was meant to symbolically model features and functionality within the hidden dimensions. One of the pivotal features of this universe, which operates from within the seven hidden dimensions, is what is commonly called karma. The Egyptian term Ka-Maat is the source of the later word karma. Maat symbolized truth and justice as the basis of universal order, ergo laws of the universe. Ka was their word for spirit, or one's moral essence, not the soul. The imagery showing Maat weighing hearts (one's desires) on a scale "in the underworld" is in fact a symbolic model showing that truth and justice (or the lack of it) determines one's karma, which determines the nature of future outcomes.

Some of the best-known ancient examples illustrating Maat addressed details between lives because they were found in tombs. But the symbology and associated philosophy purposefully provides a model of the rules (laws, wisdom) and functionality within the hidden spiritual aspects of existence (dimensions) that affect us at all times, day and night, alive or dead. Thereby, "Maat" "weighs hearts" within the hidden aspects of reality and this determines the nature of future outcomes within space-time. Thereby, the symbolism of ka and Maat serve as a model of the cause and effect system that we now know as karma, ergo ka-maat. This is also why truth and justice (Maat) were considered to be the source of universal order, ergo "the law."

In other words, the core dualistic functionality of this universe causes the character (nature, essence, spirit) of your deeds and their results to determine the nature of what happens in your future. Whether that's in the next hour, year, or between lifetimes, all future outcomes are directly influenced by what you (and others) have done. It is vital to grasp that this universe and our resulting realities are the product of collective thoughts and deeds, in addition to your own. Thereby, there is both individual and collective (group) karma, just as there are individual and collective influences on all aspects of reality. To reiterate, you are affected by the deeds and outcomes of the groups and activities that you support and participate in, as well as your individual deeds. Thereby, if you are part of a nation, empire, institution (money, religion, politics) or other group (corporation, economy, military, species, etc.) that causes harm, then you are partially responsible. Consequently, your karma and resulting realities are affected by both individual and collective inputs.

One of the great secrets symbolically encoded and passed along from before ancient Egypt and through the Hebrew sages and prophets, has been the simple rules for karma. They have been symbolized in numerous ways, including Mose's two tables of stone, Jacob's ladder and head stone, the Holy Grail, and many other allusions. It was kept hidden because religious and political leaders would have been able to bury the knowledge forever had it been released at an earlier time. It is also alluded to in the Dead Sea Scrolls but never expressed simply. The Doctrine of Two Spirits are the simple rules for karma that also provide the wisdom to finally create a sane and safe global civilization.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

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