Defeating Long-Awaited Messiah Is Ultimate Goal Of NDAA, PIPA, and SOPA

It should now be obvious to all that US leaders, in their unmatched arrogance, are desperately struggling to hide something absolutely earth-shattering from the citizens of this world, using a wide array of misdirection, mass distractions, and fear.

After the ship wreck disaster near Rome, on this past Friday the 13th, it is important to review what was occurring at this time last year to truly grasp why current events are unfolding as they are. As described throughout the series of press releases and related articles, Mr. Buddy Page, the author of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand has been tasked to complete an ancient sting operation against religious leaders and the rich and powerful. The details of this ancient plan are detailed throughout numerous ancient prophecies that allude to the "arising" of an individual referred to as the "Messiah" and Teacher. Hebrew prophecies, including Revelation, symbolically encode numerous details necessary to prove the time, deeds, and identity of this individual.

Since 2002, Mr. Page has been methodically building up a body of evidence that proves the ancient prophecies refer to him and his deeds, which culminate during the years following 2001. Sadly for religious leaders, it also proves that all three faiths of Abraham are blatant deceptions created by Rome, and now controlled and/or manipulated by the Vatican and its primary cohorts. The article/release published January 13, 2011 is a prime example why religious, political, and monetary leaders are panicked and desperately struggling to hide the truth about their long-term deceptions and great crimes.

A great deal of smoke and mirrors surrounds these frantic efforts (SOPA, PIPA, NDAA) to shred the US Constitution, because our leaders are desperate to hide what they have done and what they are now trying to do with these bizarre attempts to shut down pivotal Constitutional freedoms. The so-called War on Terror and online piracy are merely the smoke and mirrors used to cover the real reasons for the concerted effort to impose fascism in the USA. The flooding of the airwaves with a combination of fear, politics, commerce, and a non-stop barrage of entertainment stories, manufactured controversies, and other distractions posing as news, is ultimately designed to saturate people with so much useless information that most never learn the truth about important topics and situations. This permits those who own these media corporations to create effective blackouts of topics and events and thereby steer populations away from becoming aware of information damaging to those in power. Some news outlets are less subtle than others, but all major media corporations serve the ultimate purpose of controlling what large segments of their populations think about, pay attention to, and eventually act upon.

The other earthshaking revelation about the Vatican is final proof that they and primary cohorts hide the secret central bank of the planet. This illuminates both the source and purpose of the Vatican's great wealth over the last two millennia, until now. This is also one of the hidden details redundantly encoded throughout the symbology of Revelation and earlier Hebrew prophecies. Similarly, these also make it abundantly clear that ending the greed and arrogance of world leaders is a vital outcome of all ancient prophecies. The article Money is Slavery by Proxy summarizes key historical details throughout the last two millennia that serve to prove the truth about the Vatican's secret role in the modern world. In conjunction with solid proof of the meaning and purpose of the symbology used to create ancient prophecies, there is redundant proof that the Vatican, and its rich and powerful cohorts have gone to great lengths to deceive the entire world about the topics of money and religion. These two population management systems have been used to establish and control empires for millennia and they are still being used for the exact same purposes.

The phrase "money changers in the temple" comes out of the New Testament. It was used as part of the centuries long effort to scapegoat all Jewish people at the outset of Christianity and throughout most of the next two millennia. This technique of demonizing, scapegoating, and attacking whole groups of people has been Rome's primary tool to deflect attention from its own lies and crimes and to cast its cohorts and operatives as heroes. An exploration of historical evidence prior to the Hebrew revolt against Rome clearly shows that this term was directed more towards the Roman invaders. Money and religion were tightly wed in Rome. Like much of the ancient world, religious temples were also the equivalent of financial centers and banks. The recent discovery of an ancient treasure worth 20 billion dollars stored under a temple in India is recent proof of this ancient reality. Now, at the start of the twenty-first century on the Christian calendar and the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, the Vatican still hides the secret central bank of the planet, precisely as was done in Imperial Rome by the Chief Pontiff and later in Christian Rome by the Pope.

The exposure of this dark secret, along with final proof that all three faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions, ultimately controlled by the Vatican, has now put every world leader and central banker in dire jeopardy of exposure, arrest, and imprisonment for deception, fraud, and crimes against humanity. More importantly though, the rich and powerful puppeteers that are responsible for all of the evils associated with central banking and the corruption and manipulation of political leaders using money, religion, and politics, now fear for their own futures. When coupled with the still unfolding global revolution against the excesses of the rich and powerful, these leaders are frantic and panicked. One need only observe the mad pace of fear, misdirection, and distractions with which corporate news media blanket the airwaves, while refusing to cover topics that could help end this madness. In their abject fear and desperation, US leaders are now struggling to shred the US Constitution and establish legal cover to attempt to arrest and imprison Mr. Page, and block his publications, because he has produced comprehensive proof of the truth about the pivotal deceptions used to control this world for millennia.

The ancient sting operation was designed to prove the truth about many things. The years 2001 to 2011 were pivotal. The prophecies encoded the year 2011 because it would see non-stop stunning events and associated revelations, that would then be followed by the Apocalypse. As reiterated in earlier articles and releases, the long-misused term "apocalypse" actually refers to the revealing of long-hidden secrets and the solving of ancient mysteries, which consequently causes the rapid collapse of traditional dogma, assumptions, and by logical extension, any wealth and power long associated with them. Final proof that Mr. Page is the individual predicted by numerous prophecies was an important outcome of 2011, because it sets the stage for the events that immediately follow, early in 2012, not at its end.

It is vital to understand that Christian Rome and now the Vatican has been aware of the ancient prophecies of their exposure and defeat, for most of the last two millennia. They have gone to extreme lengths manipulating people, events, and entire nations and empires attempting to avoid that fate. Control of the planet's monetary systems and resources was a vital aspect of the long-term plan to attempt to prevent the predicted end of their global monetary and religious empire.

Now that Mr. Page has exposed their dark games to the bright light, US leaders are ignoring all common sense and arrogantly shredding the US Constitution to avoid facing the truth. In doing so, they have foolishly delivered proof that they are doing the Vatican's bidding, in large part because they control the planet's secret central bank. It is already beyond obvious that our leaders are puppets to bankers and those with the most money. What better proof is there that the time has arrived for a dramatic change to human civilization that finally ends the power of those who think their money and religions give them the right to deceive, manipulate, and oppress billions of people globally. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it and it should be obvious now that some are desperate to bring back the dark ages, when they ruled supreme.

The article titled Money is Slavery by Proxy can be read at Forging New Human Paradigms. The series of related press releases and articles can be read via They explore the knowledge and evidence that has caused world leaders, and those that pull their strings from the shadows, to foolishly jump into a well-laid trap. The only way out now is through truth and justice. To truly understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology, and how we can dramatically improve human civilization and save the natural world, reading Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, is an absolute requirement.