Doctrine of Two Spirits Proves the Truth About Seven Deadly Sins

Much has been said about the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues over the centuries, but now there is verifiable proof of what they truly are and where the concept originated.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand explores the related topics of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, the seven hidden dimensions, and the rules for karma in great detail. The ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to redundantly symbolize advanced science and profound wisdom illustrating the precise relationships between deeds, karma, and the hidden features of our universe. Their spiritual philosophies were based on in-depth insights about the hidden aspects and functionality of our 11-dimension reality. The ancient Egyptians are also the source of the concept we now call karma, which they called ka-maat.

It is important to grasp that the wisdom and philosophies of ancient Egypt were consistently dualistic in nature because that is the true structure and functionality of this universe. Thereby, to successfully navigate through an existence that is verifiably structured and driven by the flows and interaction between opposite polarities, one must truly understand both the positive and negative.

The Doctrine of Two Spirits is the refinement of pivotal ancient wisdom that is the basis for truly understanding morality, dualism, and karma (ka-maat). It is likewise the refinement of the precept from the Dead Sea Scrolls‚ Community Rule, defining human character and behaviors and the foundations of ancient wisdom symbology. The "two spirits" (ways, paths, inspirations, inclinations) symbolize good and evil, the dual moral opposites used to define positive and negative deeds and spirituality.

There are two outlines, of seven lines each, one above and one below. The upper outline is the spirit of good and demonstrates the source of the allusions to the seven heavenly virtues. It is symbolically associated with air and thereby with heaven. The bottom half of the outline is the spirit of evil, which is symbolically associated with earth and thereby with the underworld, hell, etc. These are purely symbolic associations and the ancient sages and prophets knew there was no such thing as heaven or hell. These terms and the associated religious assertions are the result of purposeful misuse of the ancient symbolism from which they originated.

The original ancient wisdom provides a very precise guide to the rules for karma and how they operate with the seven hidden dimensions, as explored in earlier releases. Since Egyptian wisdom is consistently dualistic, there are seven good and seven evil which sum to 14. The number 14 comes out of the tale of Isis and Osiris. Dual sevens are also shown in the dual feathered headdress of Amen and Min. Other Egyptian neter (symbolized universal principles) are likewise associated with both dualism and the number seven. These all refer directly to the seven hidden dimensions and the dualism that operates within them to effect all outcomes in space-time. This is the source of concepts like karma and numerous assertions throughout the Hebrew texts.

This then explains why the seven deadly sins are called deadly. It is because they result in bad karma, which leads to bad luck, which is eventually fatal. Furthermore, the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits is symbolically associated with earth (of the four elements), which is where the "dead" symbolically (and literally...) reside. Throughout the canons of the Three Faiths of Abraham and the symbology of ancient Egypt, the repeated symbolic references to the underworld and dead actually refer to those living on the path represented by the Seven Spirits of Evil. As you can see, this includes practically everyone alive today, which provides valuable insights into why life is so difficult and dangerous for everyone.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

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