Doomed Ancient Civilization Sent Us The Wisdom to Avoid Their Fate

The stories of Noah and the Ark, Atlantis, and the Egyptian Zep Tepi narrative all allude to a period of advanced human civilization that was destroyed by the rapid ending of the last ice age and the great chaos that followed, circa 11,000 years ago.

As with most other ancient materials from this region, and documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, the failure to understand the symbology used to frame the Egyptian Zep Tepi narrative and the story of Noah, the flood, and the Ark, have resulted in a complete lack of understanding about their meaning and purpose. It is important to notice that both Noah and Moses are associated with "arks." What most don't grasp is that the story of Noah's ark symbolizes ancient wisdom coming into Egypt after the floods. On the other hand, Moses' ark leaves Egypt.

These stories encode the flow of ancient wisdom symbology from a time before the great floods caused by the melting of the northern ice sheets, to those that survived to establish ancient Egypt of our epoch. Then millennia later, [Amen]Moses left Egypt and authored heavily symbolic texts that would later become religious canons. A long line of sages and prophets continued his work throughout the subsequent millennia. The key that links Noah, Egypt, Moses, and all the prophets and sages is ancient wisdom and the advanced symbology used to encode it. The mysterious symbols seen throughout Egypt and the symbolism within the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham are the conveyance (ark) for the advanced science and wisdom the ancients preserved and sent through time to us.

Numerous myths, including the tales of these religions, have sprung up over the centuries to explain what occurred and why there are similar symbols and symbology in diverse places. Most who have attempted to crack this ancient mystery in recent years have been hampered by the failure to grasp the timelines of the civilizations of this region. Most greatly underestimate the age of ancient Egypt, even though it is clearly recorded in numerous places. For various reasons, the mostly European Egyptologists discounted what the Egyptians wrote about their own history, while also badly translating and misinterpreting most other symbolic records.

Once you can read the symbology, it becomes painfully obvious that most of what we have been led to believe about Egypt, Moses, and other prophets and sages is completely wrong. Their true purpose was to ensure that the symbology and the keys to decode it reached our time intact. The final keys would be provided by science in their far futures. Now that the wisdom of the ancients has been unlocked with the help of recent scientific insights, anyone with the patience to learn it can now understand why the ancients undertook such a grand and long-term project.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

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