Great Seal of the USA Encodes Vital Messages to 2011 Freemasons and Others

A vital reason for the symbology of the USA is to encode proof, for those living during 2011, that certain long-expected events would occur during 2011, not at the end of 2012 as far too many have been misled to believe.

As explored in previous releases , and throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand , certain of the founders of the USA were experts in the symbology used by the ancient sages and prophets. One of the many benefits that comes with that unique and protected branch of knowledge is the ability to read the symbology of ancient wisdom used to encode hidden details throughout pivotal prophecies, to purposely hide them from religious leaders and cohorts. The prime example and vehicle of proof is the Great Seal of the USA. As with other national art and symbology, they chose to hide astounding proof and messages to future citizens, in the open as something else. One of the purposes of Freemasonry has been to serve as a parallel and protected body of symbology so there would be multiple sources of proof. There are also now a large number of people prepared to grasp the truth about ancient symbology when it was presented to the world.

As the previous release described, and as explored in Chapter 8 of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, the Great Seal of the USA encodes numerous details that point to the beginning of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which began just before the start of the New Millennium (2001) on the Roman-Christian calendar. Similarly, the founding of modern Freemasonry is recorded as occurring in 1717, a purposeful and redundant pointer to the 17th cycle and the 21st century. Also, 1+7+1+7=16, which is no mere coincidence since the year 1717 was during the 16th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew Calendar. The 17th 360-year cycle has been encoded in pivotal symbology, prophecies, and related symbolic narratives for millennia. The primary vehicle for this information has been star symbology, which is also why the founders of the USA chose to use stars so prominently. It is also why they are present in the purposely parallel body of Masonic symbology.

The Great Seal of the USA follows an ages-long tradition of deeply symbolic art purposely designed to encode multiple levels of related and verifiable meaning. These can be seen throughout ancient Egypt and elsewhere. In recent centuries, secretive circles sought to understand the truth about our existence and were opposed by Christian Rome and other authorities. They were forced to keep secrets to preserve and pass on what they had learned. They also had to avoid the long reach of the Inquisition. A prime example of this genre of symbolic art are called illuminated Vaticinia, hence illustrated prophecies, like those on the front cover of the book and at Star symbology is a common theme throughout this genre, as seen in images 17 and 18. The same techniques were used to create the Great Seal of the USA, which encodes a stunning series of messages and prophetic details. In fact, these three images encode some of the same information found within the seal's symbology. Accordingly, star symbology is prominently displayed above the head of the Eagle on the front of the Great Seal.

On the back of the seal is a phrase written on a streamer, which is also used to symbolize a specified stream of time. "Novus ordo seclorum" translates as "New Order of the Ages" and both phrases, Latin and English, are exactly 17 characters long, matching the pattern of the year 1717. Above the streamer is the unfinished pyramid and on its base is 1776 in Roman numerals. Again, another 17 and 1+7+7+6=21, hence both the 21st century and 17th cycle. The star and time symbology of the story of Joseph in Genesis is the first public proof that it was used by [Amen]Moses, who was an Egyptian. In the story of Joseph, who is the 11th son of Jacob, 11 stars bow to him in a dream, when he was 17 years old. The story encodes a prophecy about the period of time that stretches from the 11th 360-year cycle, (11 stars) which was during the Second Temple Period, to the beginning of the 17th cycle (17 years), which is now.

Millennia later, the Dead Sea Scrolls were deposited in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar as part of redundant proof that they knew this hidden code used by [Amen]Moses, that was hidden from religious leaders. Star, angel, and seal symbology are also central to the Book of Revelation's cyclic narrative where stars, angels, and seals are used interchangeably to encode the same seven 360-year cycles in Genesis, hence the 11th to the 17th. This is one reason the Great Seal of the USA is called a "seal" and why it uses star symbology, precisely as used within both Genesis and Revelation. This is also evidence that one of those who buried the scrolls also authored Revelation, since the same symbology and star-time code were used.

As described in the previous release, conceiving the USA with exactly 13 states was directly related to what happened to the Knights Templar on Friday 13th in 1307. As with all things related to ancient wisdom symbology, there are multiple layers of related meaning. 13 is also a direct reference to the tale of Isis and Osiris, as the unfinished 13 level pyramid encodes. The 13 stars also encode the 13th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. This was the time that Islam arose, but more importantly it was the time when there became Three Faiths of Abraham, instead of just two. Merging this fact with the story of Isis and Osiris and what occurred to the Knights Templar is a direct and purposeful allusion to the central parable of Freemasonry where three "ruffians" kill the master. Pay close attention that this matches the fact of Three Faiths of Abraham, during the 13th 360-year cycle. In other words, the three ruffians that "kill the master" refers directly to those three religions.

The founders of the USA wanted those of the future to truly grasp their mindset and intentions regarding these religions. The symbolism of the 13 level unfinished pyramid refers to an unfinished endeavor, that has yet to be capped by wisdom. They, like the ancient sages and prophets, had irrefutable proof that these religions were full of blatant lies and errors. They knew religion was a source of widespread ignorance and conflict, as well as being cash cows and vehicles of power for their leaders. They knew that for humanity to be weaned from religion and related ignorance, their endeavor must be capped by wisdom at a very specific time.

The purpose for redundant pointers to the 17th cycle is because key prophecies point to the early years of the 17th cycle. This fact has been well known among certain circles for several centuries. But the precise year remained a mystery to most. As the previous release explained, the 13 stars are arranged to encode the year 1307. The digits of both 1307 and 7/4 (July 4th) sum to 11. In other words, the Great Seal of the USA points back to 1307 and then forward to the 11th year of the 17th cycle, ergo 2011. In other words, they expected events that are currently unfolding this year to lead directly to the end of all Three Faiths Abraham, among other expected outcomes. That is one of the meanings of the illuminated Vaticinia images from the 15th cycle shown on the front cover of the book. They were purposely designed to coordinate with the works of St. Malachy and the Book of Revelation.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. Chapter 8 can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

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