Publication of Knights Templar Secrets Causes Panic in Hidden Circles

704 years ago, in 1307, the Church and King of France utterly failed at their ultimate goal of capturing and burying the stunning secrets guarded by the Knights Templar.

A handful of men sacrificed themselves so others could go on to seek justice. For the entire 704 years, since 1307, Christian Rome and its rich and powerful cohorts have gone to great lengths to craft myriad deceptions designed to smear and demonize those who know the truth about certain ages-old lies. Throughout the history of Christianity, Church leaders and the royalty and nobility that conspired with them have struggled to root out and hide proof of the truth about what actually occurred in Judea, two millennia ago.

Though the Inquisition and Crusades are the best known efforts to stamp out certain hidden knowledge, it has been a primary goal of numerous other crusades, pogroms and witch hunts instigated throughout the last two millennia. While using the cover stories of heresy, witchcraft, the occult, the Inquisition, etc., the primary goal has always been to stamp out and demonize ancient wisdom and symbology, while using fear and religion to hide the truth about the profound science and wisdom ancient symbols have always modeled and encoded. These tactics were eventually turned against the Knights Templar, Cathars, and others. In modern times, the Vatican's ire is still focused towards Freemasonry. This is in part because of close association with the history and lore of the Templars. Furthermore, both groups share the common goal of seeking out the truth about the symbology and wisdom of the ancients that permeates the Bible, and has long-purposely been obscured by religious leaders.

When contemplating many of the stories told about the Knights Templar and Freemasons, always remember that history told only by victors and those in power is never to be trusted. When it is Christian Rome and the Vatican writing about those they have long demonized and oppressed, that rule applies doubly. Two prime examples of blatant deception and misdirection used against both groups are the topics of pentagrams and the meaning and identity of Baphomet. We have all seen pictures of a demonic-looking and goat-headed figure, very often with a pentagram behind or on its forehead. It is important to realize that these were created long after the Templars were disbanded and they simply would not recognize them.

As covered in great detail in earlier articles and releases and throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, the pentagram and stars (both 5 and 6 pointed) are pivotal symbolism used by the ancient sages and prophets. As the redundant evidence proves, they used symbology of various types to encode science, wisdom, and proof of the truth about pivotal historical situations. Because of the need to maintain security from the constant efforts of the Church and cohorts, those who sought to understand and protect ancient wisdom in the ensuing centuries became adept with symbology, codes, and other forms of secret knowledge. Both star symbology and the term Baphomet fit this pattern.

The term Baphomet has now been shown to be a code based on the Hebrew Atbash cipher. It decodes to mean Sophia, hence the feminine personification of wisdom that flows directly from the symbology of ancient Egypt and Hebrew Proverbs. Wisdom is likewise referred to as She and Her throughout the Proverbs, with verse 9:1 being a prime example. It simply reads; "Wisdom has built Her house; She has hewn out Her seven pillars." This is a real problem for Church leaders because the Hebrew sages and prophets always associated wisdom with the creator. They repeatedly gave the Creator feminine attributes like truth, wisdom, compassion, and justice, which are in stark contrast to religious assertions about an avenging male God. Thereby, we can now clearly see that seven centuries of lies about witchcraft, demonic heads, and myriad other frantic accusations have all been purposely manufactured deceptions. The Templars were in fact striving to recover ancient wisdom. They had also clearly found something absolutely stunning with which they used to blackmail the Church.

Rome's failure to capture these secrets in 1307 set the stage for seven centuries of bizarre and desperate attempts to capture and/or obscure the truth about ancient wisdom, the symbology used to encode it, and those that understand the pivotal proofs that all three faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions. Thereby, it should not come as a total surprise when recent events like the bombing and massacre in Norway were precisely targeted at demonizing the topics of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. The attack occurred on 7/22/2011, precisely matching the date and numeric patterns described throughout earlier articles and releases. Notice that the sum of the digits of 1307 equals 11, as does the sum of 704 (years), July 4th (7/4) and July 22 (7+2+2=11). We are also in year 2011. This confluence of 11's is no mere coincidence and is part of the evidence of why certain events have occurred of late.

The patterns are undeniable and those in positions of power must stop ignoring such obvious evidence. Repeated precise planning that is clearly beyond the ability of yet another "smirking idiot" assassin/terrorist simply can't be swept under the rug. Both the Norway shooter-bomber (terrorist...) and the Arizona shooter have presented us with the very same patterns. Both events and the details released to the news media were precisely designed to demonize very specific people and misdirect from certain recently published secrets. The other apparent purpose and effect was to control the news cycle to bury the events occurring, just before the attack. The combination of previous releases in this series, the use of similar tactics in recent years to change the news cycle, and the precise timing of the Norway attack should now provide US and international authorities with all the evidence necessary to proceed.

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