Seven Star Hand Illuminates the Collapse of the American Dream

The American Dream Film is an excellent animated expose of the US Federal Reserve System and the absolutely stunning deceptions that underlie the concept of money, but it also purposely encodes several hidden messages and stunning secrets.

For most who have watched The American Dream Film, it will come as a huge surprise that the main character "Hartman" (seven characters long) is purposely based on the persona and works of a living person, former software engineer Buddy Page, the author of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand. Though no direct connection exists between Mr. Page and the filmmakers, his birthdate (August 11, 1955), and book publication dates of 2006 ("Revelations from the Apocalypse" and "Apocalypse Symbol Guide") and 2010 (Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols) are purposely used.

Multiple references to the number seven, the symbology demystified in all three books, and the initials SSH (Seven Star Hand) are included in multiple places. Even the 1815 visit back to the Battle of Waterloo purposely alludes to details within the 2006 books, though clarified and simplified by the filmmakers. Furthermore, purposely symbolic references from within all three books and the related articles published since 2006 are used to create a series of unique scenes and overall storyline that also symbolically encodes pivotal hidden codes, references, and messages.

Since its release nearly a year ago, The American Dream Film, alternately found online as The Collapse of the American Dream, has succeeded at enlightening a large and rapidly growing number of people about the completely deceptive nature of the USA's privately owned and deceptively named "Federal" Reserve System. As the main character declares, it is no more federal than Federal Express. The film uses the USA's privately owned central banking system as a symbol for and prime example of the blatant deceptions used globally by all central banks. As this film and others explain, compounding debt and the mathematical slight-of-hand called Fractional Reserve Banking are used to create money out of thin air. This core monetary secret has been used to deceive most of humanity and thereby gain control of the entire planet through the private control of money and its creation.

Insights into the completely fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve System is also finding traction within Occupy Wall Street, related movements, and among all who oppose the blatant corruption and control of government(s) by an amazingly greedy and arrogant few. As the global financial system teeters on the edge of an abyss, with absolutely no hope of avoiding a disastrous plunge, it is now the perfect time to rethink and solve the core problems that have led the whole world to this sad and sorry state of affairs. Humanity can either proactively cooperate to establish a wiser model of civilization, without the old problems, or we can bury our heads in the sand, suffer through the inevitable chaos, and then foolishly accept a new system imposed by those that caused the current debacles.

The American Dream Film was designed to help people awaken from the delusion that more money is a solution to our problems. Unknown to most, all money from all sources is created as debt with compounding interest attached. This forms a mathematical endless loop which produces huge levels of ever-expanding debt, throughout all levels of the entire civilization, faster than it can ever be repaid. Consequently, this system guarantees a certain amount of poverty and suffering because it is mathematically impossible for there to ever be enough money to go around. When the already limited money supply is further reduced by profits, wars, waste, hoarding, speculation, corruption, etc., the numbers of those suffering is unavoidably increased because of the artificial shortages created by the purposefully planned shortage of money.

The combination of a perpetual state of artificially created shortages for the impoverished (because of lack of money, not lack of resources), contrasted with the great abundance and luxury for the wealthy, illuminates the core psychology used to create both the fear and greed that drives economies, financial systems, and nations ever forward. In other words, the whole world has been duped and herded into the conceptual equivalent of a hamster's wheel or dog-racing track, forever running in circles chasing a lure that always remains out-of-reach for most.

Those who suffer and struggle because of the lack of money are unavoidably and purposely impoverished and oppressed by the completely deceptive math and function of monetary systems. They are direct victims of those who control and manipulate national and global money supplies. Banks and other financial institutions can only profit when the level of unavoidable suffering is increased throughout the society. It should thereby be obvious that the purpose for creating and maintaining a permanent class of victims and serfs is because the current system is designed to cause poverty and suffering to keep the other slaves fearful and productive.

It should also be obvious that economic downturns serve to "reset the loop" by wiping out the gains of many, in part because a people grown too comfortable make lousy slaves. This increases the general levels of fear, struggle, and suffering, which are then always used to manipulate entire nations into accepting political blackmail that always creates more profits for hidden money-masters. Since this blatantly evil system has been deceptively imposed upon the entire world, it is undeniable that; Money is Slavery by Proxy. Those who imposed this system and profit from it know full well what they have done historically and still strive to continue doing to billions of people worldwide.

The final two segments of the film touch upon the stark reality that our monetary system has been imposed and maintained through a combination of deception and violence. People who have opposed the power of those who secretly control the Federal Reserve System have a habit of coming to sad endings. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is linked directly to his attempt to end the Federal Reserve System. Other presidents who openly opposed the banking powers also risked assassination (Abraham Lincoln...), so the evidence is clear of the dangers involved in opposing those who rule this world through money and deception. It is for this reason that this film encoded the true solutions to these problems, awaiting the right timing for their public exposure. The hidden messages in this film are based on the symbology used by the ancient prophets and sages and modern groups like Freemasonry. The primary thrust of the encoded messages is to point to the works of Seven Star Hand, to find the true solution to ending these long-term deceptions.

A followup article to this release will be posted Nov. 8, 2011 at the blog Forging New Human Paradigms and titled Illuminating the Collapse of the American Dream. It details the primary hidden codes and messages found throughout this film. Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, contains the rules for understanding the symbology used within the American Dream Film, as well as throughout Ancient Egypt, the Bible, numerous other ancient sources, and more modern ones like the Great Seal of the USA. Links to read and download the e-book and/or purchase the book are available at